Premium Comfort and Quality

Experience unparalleled comfort that lasts all day, enhancing your daily performance with the superior quality of this shirt.



Wrinkle-Resistant 100% Cotton

We've developed a unique fabric by treating natural cotton threads with resin, finishing it with a smooth weave. This design combines strength and flexibility, making it resistant to wrinkles even after washing, all while being 100% cotton.


High-Quality, Smooth Texture

The smoothness of a T-shirt is determined by the fineness of the yarn. Our product uses fine yarn and a high-density double-knit technique, resulting in a smooth surface with minimal texture, delivering a truly luxurious feel.


"Stress-free" without inner tags

To provide a "stress-free" wearing experience, we've eliminated tags. We've adopted the tagless technology from Abe Special Industries, using an ultra-thin printing stamp technique for care instructions. We've removed tags from the back of the neck and under the arms, enhancing overall comfort.


Comfortable Fit with Just the Right Stretch

Tokyo WorkGear's original fabric features a rare smooth weave for T-shirts, providing high density and just the right amount of stretch for a comfortable fit.


Eco-Friendly Domestic Production

Craftsmanship is embedded in every step of the process. From fabric knitting, processing, and finishing to cutting and sewing, we prioritize eco-friendly production by minimizing transportation efforts through our location near Oshu (part of Kanto region) in Japan.


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size chart

  • Length of the Body M:68cm  L:73cm
  • Width of the Body M:54cm  L:57cm
  • Shoulder Width M:45cm  L:48cm
  • Length of the Hem M:52cm  L:55cm
  • Length of the Sleeve M:24cm  L:25cm

Product Info

Material 100% cotton


  • Elasticity: Yes
  • Translucency: None
  • Top Fit: Slightly loose
  • Pocket: None

Care instructions






Is it possible to change the size?

It is possible to change the size before the product is shipped. Please contact us by stating that in the e-mail address of your inquiry.

Please tell me the criteria for selecting the size

Consider the same size as the size of the clothes you usually choose. This product is designed to be slightly longer than the normal size, but it will be a moderate length after washing.

Will the product arrive soon?

It will be shipped within 2 business days after ordering.

How much is the shipping cost?

International shipping costs is included in the product price.

Are returns/exchanges possible?

It is possible if it is within 7 days from purchase and it is in an unworn state.

*Customers will be responsible for the shipping costs if the product is returned for personal reasons.

What can I use for payment?

Credit cards / Google pay


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